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Pre-Adoption Assessments

Our team evaluates any referral or medical information made available on the child and explains it in terms new parents can understand. After listening to any concerns or worries, we address medical issues that a child might encounter when traveling from a foreign country. Parents are also provided with the tools and support needed to make the journey home as comfortable as possible.

The process begins with a brief screening with our Program Coordinator, Amanda. We will get some background on your family and answer your questions and concerns. Once we have received your service fee and the referral documents, you will be scheduled for an hour-consult with our Care Team.

The referral is reviewed by our entire Care Team addressing both Medical and Behavioral & Developmental concerns. We also work with Comer specialists to provide parents with as much information and guidance as possible.


$500 Medical & Behavioral Pre-Adoption Assessment

  • Screening with Program Coordinator to review process and answer questions.

  • 1-hour consult with either Dr. Larry Gray or our Infectious Disease trained Nurse Practitioner, Linda Walsh. Consults can either be done in person or by phone.

  • The Care Team may recommend you request follow up testing or information from your referring agency/orphanage. Once you have the information we can provide follow-up consultation via email.

  • Please note that for sibling groups we ask $100 for each additional child and second time referrals are treated as new cases and require the same $500 fee.

$150 Letters of Support and Waiver Letters

Both waiver letters and letters of support can be drafted by our team, notarized and sent via FedEx. The service fee of $150 includes 3 copies of the requested letter.

$150 In-Country Support

If you find yourself abroad and in need of medical advice, our Care Team is available for consult via skype, email or by phone. Support is available during operating business hours (8am-5pm CST) Monday through Friday.

$650 Smart Traveler Package

includes Pre-Adoption Referral Assessment, discounted Travel Clinic Evaluation Fee of $46, In Country Support, and assistance booking your first Post-Adoption Medical Evaluation visit upon your return home.

Questions & Appointments

Pre-Adoption Referral Assessments are offered by phone appointment Monday, Wednesday and Fridays.

Contact our Project Coordinator is available Monday, Wednesday, and Fridays between 9-10am to answer questions about our services or make an appointment. Please email or call 773-326-7772.