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University of Chicago Adoption Center - Post-Adoption Evaluation

Post-Adoption Evaluation

UCAC offers a comprehensive 5-visit Post-Adoption Medical Evaluation which helps families welcome a new child into their home while synthesizing disease-specific information & integrating the care of this child into “normal” family life. The care team is lead by Dr. Larry Gray, board certified in Developmental & Behavioral Pediatrics, and Linda Walsh, NP, a family nurse practitioner specializing in pediatric infectious disease.

Visit One: Celebration
While celebrating the child’s arrival, we concurrently review any pre-adoption information and initially assess any acute needs of the child i.e. active infections, rashes, or more serious illness that would require the need for hospital admission.

Visit Two: Fast Forward This visit involves obtaining comprehensive blood work, urine and stool in a child-specific, individualized way based on the information obtained in the first visit. Our Child Life Specialist actively participates with the family to tailor this experience in a child-friendly way. In addition, we address any acute behavioral, sleep, or feeding issues affecting the child’s participation in family life. Often jet lag plays a role in everyone’s ability to cope with the great transition at hand. Families often comment that the new experiences, relationships, and transitions make this visit feel like being on “fast forward”

Visit Three: Regulation Many families comment that by this visit they have experienced many highs and lows. Using medical information from the previous visit and integrating their knowledge of their child’s strengths and weaknesses, we begin to focus on behavioral issues, language and communication, sleeping and eating, getting along with new siblings, and overall family functioning.

Visit Four: Energy By this visit we have a medical plan in place and initial visits with specialists are scheduled. Family patterns are being established. A laboratory summary, vaccine catch up recommendations, and overall medical summary are prepared and available to your primary care pediatrician.

Visit Five: Integration The 5th visit usually occurring 4-6 months after the initial UCAC visit. A medical summary form with final vaccination catch up, laboratory summary, and resolved and active medical diagnoses are communicated with the primary care pediatrician. Emphasis is also on resources related to assessments through Early Intervention (EI) or school academic testing. Referrals to other services occur as needed. Emphasis is placed on documenting the rapid developmental change that has occurred, and ongoing monitoring of language acquisition, school performance, and family integration.


Post-Adoption Evaluations are available during our clinic hours, Mondays & Fridays from 8am-12pm. To book your first time appointment please call 1-888-824-0200 and ask for the University of Chicago Adoption Center.

You will be booked for an appointment with both Dr. Larry Gray and Nurse Practitioner Linda Walsh. Please make sure to review your family’s insurance coverage using the UCAC Insurance Navigation Guide.


Our Project Coordinator, Amanda, is available Monday, Wednesday, and Fridays between 9-10am to answer questions about our services or help make a first time appointment. Please email or call 773-834-6821.