Comer Alt

My Interests

Dancing, making jewelry, Youth Group, talking about the children that wait for families

A note from my mom & dad

There aren't word to describe how blessed we are to be Selah's mom and dad. We can't stress enough how the care provided by University of Chicago Adoption Center changed a very serious and life threatening course for our daughter. We are forever grateful and we are reminded daily of the privilege of watching our Selah grow up with the rest of our children. That child is going to change the world!

This is my adoption story

My story begins very sad. The hardest day of my life was when I was taken from my older brother and sister after we lost both of our parents. I was very sick and I thought my life was over. I didn't think anyone would want me because I was too old.

The day I came into the orphanage there was a lady that held my hand and talked to me a lot. I didn't understand English, but that didn't stop her. She was there adopting some other kids. I could tell she was very sad with me and wanted to make me feel better. She cried with me. Later that week I met her husband and the children she was taking back to the U.S. They left and I didn't expect to ever see them again.

One year later they came back for me and made me their daughter! Not only that, they didn't think it was ok that I was separated from my older brother and sister and they worked to adopt them too! Two years after I was in the US with my family my older brother and sister came home to be with us! I am healthy and happy and I have hope and a future!