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My Interests

Drawing and painting, scissors, sign language, bubbles, tu-tu's, music, letters and numbers

A note from my mom & dad

Sachi is the joy of our lives. Being HIV+ effects her not at all aside from taking medicine twice a day and having her blood drawn 3 times a year.

This is my adoption story

I was born on September 10, 2007 in the government hospital. My birth mother was very young and very sick. She could not take care of me. My Amma (Mommy) found out about me from a friend who worked in the hospital. When I was 1 month old, Amma came to take care of me. I was very small because I was born about 2 months early. I only weighed 4 pounds. Amma was worried because I didn't like to eat very much and I wasn't growing. When I was almost 3 months old, Amma took me to a new doctor and he tested my blood. He told Amma that I was HIV+. Amma didn't know what to do, or how to take care of me. My doctor gave me a new kind of baby formula and I started eating more and growing. I became more active and happy.

Appa (Daddy) was at home in Chicago. He found out about the University of Chicago Adoption Center (UCAC). Mommy found a good orphanage to take care of me while she went home to do the work for my adoption. Amma and Appa visited Linda Walsh at UCAC. She helped them learn all about HIV and how to take care of me. Then Amma came back to India, and we lived there for almost 5 months. Amma could call or email Linda and the team at UCAC whenever she wanted to share information about my blood tests, or if she had a question, or if she needed encouragement. When I was 11 months old, Amma and I came home to Chicago. The UCAC team was waiting for us, and I stayed in the hospital for 10 days. Now I take my medicine 2 times every day, and I am a healthy and happy little girl.