Comer Alt

My Interests

Soccer, Cross Country, Math & Science, and spending time with my parents, grandparents, sisters, brother, nephews, and niece!

A note from my mom & dad

Nati is an amazing young man! I had gone to Ethiopia to help my daughter, my new grandson and without ever knowing it when I got on that plane, my soon to be son! Every day in the orphanage I got to spend some time with Nati and fell absolutely in love with him. Nati has been and continues to be a blessing of greatest proportion to our whole family.

This is my adoption story

I don't really feel like I have any great story to tell. I'm just me. I was born in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. After my parents died, my sister, Bethi, and I stayed with my aunt and uncle. My uncle worked at the airport but when he died, my aunt didn't have enough money to take care of us anymore. That's when we went to the orphanage.

I remember when my oldest adopted sister, Katie, came to the orphanage to pick up her baby, Mussie. Katie was great to me. She was nice and she played with us. One day, Katie brought her mom to the orphanage. I met her and she spent time with me for a week. I was so excited when I found out that we were being adopted. When I found out that my new family was Katie's family and her mom was my mom, I couldn't wait until they came! When mom and dad came, we had a lot of fun. They took my whole class and Bethi's whole class to the hotel for a swimming party and bought us all French fries and ice cream! I loved the plane ride. I got to see a little bit of snow when we landed in Germany. That was my first time seeing snow. Another part of this story is that my best friend from the orphanage, Kirubel, got adopted the same week as I did and his family lives just two hours from us. That is amazing. We get to see each other a lot.

My life is not perfect but it is good. People in America do not understand that they have so much. They get to choose what food they want to eat. They have so many things that they don't really need. I want to study hard and get a scholarship for soccer to the university where my whole family went for their degrees. I think I want to be an engineer.