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My Interests

Soccer, swimming, Sunday school, The Diary of a Wimpy Kid, babies, his best friends, the farm, the woods, and all things funny.

A note from my mom & dad

We first saw Eli on the "waiting child" photo listing from our agency. He was an older child and a boy, two factors that made him considered "hard to place". We were expecting Eli to have a really rough transition into our family, because of the language barrier, his age, and vast cultural differences. However, we have been pleasantly surprised at how well he has adjusted. He is outgoing, funny, smart, and really well behaved. He came home the end of July, and started school (half day kindergarten) just four weeks later and is doing great. We love him and feel honored to be his mom and dad. We were very thankful that the University of Chicago Adoption Center was so close to our home. The staff at the UCAC was knowledgeable and professional and had excellent "bedside manner" with Eli and our family. We left feeling confident that he had received the very best medical care and assessment.

This is my adoption story

I was born deep in the mountains of Southern Ethiopia. I spent my early months strapped to my mom's back, a chubby giggling breast fed baby. A drought, poverty + deadly malaria caused me to become orphaned in 2009, when I was four years old. I spent 13 months between two orphanages. It was a rough time for me. I wasn't kept clean and I wasn't fed well. I knew that the social worker that visited the orphanage found families for kids, and I knew I needed a family. Every single time that I saw the social worker visiting the orphanage office I would stop her and ask her to find me a family soon.

Finally, after what felt like forever I was told I had been matched with a family. When the van I knew was carrying my family arrived at the orphanage, I was suppose to stay in a back room until I could be formally introduced to them. However, I snuck out of the room and was looking out the picture window when they arrived. I spotted them in the van before they even stepped out of it. I locked eyes with my big brother who immediately jumped out of the van and ran to the window. I ran out and hugged my mom first, then my brother, and then gave my dad the tightest and longest hug he has ever had. When I first arrived in America, I was so excited but I also missed my friends at the orphanage. When I would start to cry, my mom would wrap me up in a soft blanket and rock me. I love my new home, and my new family, my school, and everybody notices that I smile all the time.