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My Interests

Mostly I like to get into all my big brother's and sister's stuff. It's great! I like books, bubble baths, ice cream & cookies, chasing the cat outside, hugging my mom and getting into her make up…

A note from my mom & dad

Dasha is truly a joy to love. We couldn't imagine life without her. When we first discussed adopting a child with HIV, we went to a seminar that UCAC held in conjunction with Project HOPEFUL. It answered all of our questions and we knew that as special needs go, this was one that was very manageable. We don't have any concerns about transmission in our normal living conditions and although we know that her condition is serious it is considered chronic.

We wish to leave you with this thought shared from our friend Cindy Allen, who traveled when we did. "I can't believe that people aren't adopting these beautiful children over such a small thing. (HIV)"

This is my adoption story

When I was born, I stayed in the hospital for 30 whole days all by myself. I was scared and lonely because my mom didn't come to get me. When those 30 days were up and still my mom had not come back, a car came to get me and a lady held me on her lap all the way to a very big building called a Baby House. That place sounds more fun than it really was because it was full of babies who cried a lot. There were some bigger kids there to, but once they turned five, a car came and took them somewhere else. Lots of time passed. Until these last three months, I lived at the Baby House for my whole life. It was ok. I got to play outside every day and some of the ladies were really nice, the doctor even told me I was her favorite, but I didn't have anyone who loved me like a mommy and a daddy.

One day all of that changed! I was in the middle of a nap when, all of a sudden, the doctor who liked me so much came and got me. Something big must be happening because nobody ever interrupts nap time. I got to put on a pretty dress and they put a big blue bow in my hair. We walked hand in hand down the hallway to the director's office. When I walked inside, there were people I had never seen before. A pretty young girl with long blond hair and beyond her there was a lady and a man. The man was smiling so big and the lady had tears in her eyes. They had toys for me and let me play with them. Someone asked me if I would like to go and live with them. "Da." I said while nestled in the lady's arms. She kept whispering, "I love you" in my ear. That was so nice.

For 3 weeks after that, every day the lady came to see me. The nannies told me she was my mama. It must have been true because she came to see me every day. She brought crackers and juice and coloring books and crayons. She would push me on the swing and let me sit in her lap. She always came at the same time every morning so I knew to wait for her. As soon as I saw her walking down the path, I would start running and squealing with happiness. My mommy was here for ME! One day I got into a car with my mommy and brother and took a long train ride to another city. We had lots of appointments and lived in an apartment for a week. I never slept in a bed so big. I got to eat so many foods I had never tried before. I even got to swim in a fountain. Most amazing of all was when we got on an airplane. That was really neat, but I got sick of that after a while. I kept screaming and screaming, but we stayed on that plane for hours. Finally, it landed. I was so happy to be done with that. After some more time passed and mom did more paperwork, we got to leave with all of our bags. When we walked through some sliding doors, there were all these people waiting for us. They had big signs that said, "Welcome Home Dasha!" and "We love you!" Then I saw some people I recognized. It was that man again and the girl with the long hair. My dad and my sister along with another sister and two more brothers! I went from having nobody to having a mommy and a daddy and 3 brothers and 2 sisters! I couldn't believe it. After almost three years, my family had finally come for me. I am so glad to be home.