Comer Alt

My Interests

Playing checkers with my Gigi and Papaw, art, helping my mom in the kitchen, reading after by bedtime, my turtle Peanut, skiing, and swimming.

A note from my mom & dad

Bethi is the spark plug in our family, what a surprise package we got with her. She is a vibrant, energetic, bright little girl who will be a successful, independent young woman before we know it. We didn’t realize that our family had room for more, but it clearly did. There hasn’t been a squeeze to fit Bethi and her brother into our traditions, celebrations, daily lives, or most of all our hearts at all.

This is my adoption story

I remember the day my brother Nati and went to live at the orphanage. I missed my aunt and cousins, we had good food to eat and school was nice. The parties at the orphanage were fun too. I went to the baby room and played with the babies couple of times a week. One day the social worker called Nati and me in to his office and told us that we had a family. I got presents from mom and dad with a photo book that showed our new house, our dogs, cats, horses and all of our new family. My sisters are very pretty and my oldest brother is very funny! Later, the "voluntary" (volunteer) gave Nati and me a calendar. He told us to mark out a square every day and when we got to the end, our parents would be here to take us home. I forgot to mark the days sometimes.

When mom and dad came, it was a happy day. We went out to eat. My friend, Adanach, had her family come that week too. We were all surprised when we found out that she was going to live very close to us when we got to the United States. I get to see her sometimes and that is nice. Anyway, we went swimming in the big pool and took friends with us. We ate French fries, Coke, candy and ice cream! Dad taught me how to swim. Mom brought us new clothes. We went home on a huge airplane. They kept bringing us food and we slept on the plane. We got to watch movies too.

At the airport in Chicago, our whole family was there. They had signs and balloons. I got to see my baby niece and nephews. Before we could go see our family, we had to go through Immigration. Mom and Dad had to give them a lot of papers. We had to have our picture taken and give them a fingerprint. They let us go after a long time. I didn’t speak English so I didn’t know what was going on. Mom tells me when other kids from the orphanage get adopted. I’m glad. I want them all to get families. When I grow up I am going to the university where my family goes. I want to be a teacher or a book writer.