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Parent Forums

Special topic forums are held at Comer to introduce prospective adoptive parents to various medical, developmental, and psychosocial aspects of adoption.

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Date: Saturday October 15, 2011
Times: Information Session 1-3pm; Pre-Adoption Consultations 3-4pm
Comer Children's Hospital
Wyler Pavilion Entrance
L-107 Boardroom
5839 S. Maryland Avenue
Chicago, IL, 60637

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Information Sessions

General information sessions are a great opportunity for parents at various stages of the adoption process to learn more.
$50 Session Fee (includes 2 Hague Credit Hours)

Topics covered:

  • Medical, developmental, and psychosocial aspects of adoption
  • Addressing special needs such as: clef palate, hearing loss, or down syndrome
  • Preparing to travel abroad to meet your child
  • Thriving with HIV in 2011

Project Hopeful will address questions about children with HIV and special concerns including: day-to-day experiences; medications & medical visits; and how to prepare your family for challenges

Pre-Adoption Consultations

One-on-one consultations with our team are available after the information session.
$250 Consultation fee (Informational Session fee included)

Consultation includes:

  • Meet with four different experts about International Adoption
  • Review of medical and developmental records and information of your prospective child
  • Assistance with preparing for your trip abroad with information on vaccination