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Hi, I’m Annabel: In Taiwan I lived with a nanny until my family could come to get me.
Helo, I’m Bethi: When I grow up I am going to the university where my family goes.
Helo, I’m Nati: I don’t really feel like I have any great story to tell. I’m just me...
Helo, I’m Sachi: I was born in the south part of India, in Karnataka state in the town of Mysore.
Helo, I’m Selah: The hardest day of my life was when I was taken from my older brother and sister...
Helo, I’m Dasha: When I was born, I stayed in the hospital for 30 whole days all by myself.
Helo, I’m Oliver: I started Kindergarten in January and really like meeting new friends.
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